1995 Chalet RV Trailer Restoration

I completely remodeled the interior of our 1995 Chalet RV trailer. The floor was completely replaced. The gaucho couch was removed and the dinette relocated to form a full queen sized bed that converts to the dinette. New cabinet tops were added along with new cushions and curtains. Other upgrades include:

  • New propane lines,
  • New DC distribution panel and AC distribution panel,
  • Replaced the existing converter with a Go Power smart battery charger,
  • New battery with quick connections for attaching a Go Power Portable panel,
  • On demand water heater,
  • 9 gallon grey water tank plumbed into the existing overflow drain,
  • New folding faucet,
  • New air conditioner unit,
  • New propane heater,
  • New fantastic fan and roof vents,
  • New wheels and tires.

We have taken our new Chalet out twice already. Just to the local mountains of San Diego. The heater and water heater were very nice to have because it got real cold both times out. Trips for 2017 will include Borrego Springs, Joshua Tree, a local beach trip like Silver Strand or San Elijo, and maybe a trip to one of the Utah Parks.

Chalet RV Trailer New Paint and Flooring

After the Chalet RV trailer shell was removed the trailer was rolled out from the jacked up camper shell. Two layers of 3/8" plywood glued together and screwed to the freshly primed and painted frame were installed. A bituthane stick down roofing underlayment was added to the bottom of the plywood prior to it being attached. This process went amazingly fast. Hopefully, everthing will line up when the trailer shell is lowered back onto the floor. New vinyl flooring was the last step.

Chalet RV Camping Trailer - Flooring Replacement

The original particleboard floor of our 1995 Chalet camping trailer is rotten and had to be replaced. I knew this when I bought it. After removing all the trim and obvious fasteners, the next step was to pry the camper shell from the floor. Using pry bars, leverage and blocks I was able to lift the shell from the floor enough to add 2x4's to create a beam in which to jack the trailer up off the floor. The trailer was stripped down to its cabinet framing and then braced to keep the side walls from spreading. I used a 2 ton floor jack to lift the trailer shell and then set it on jack stands so the trailer could roll out. I had to cut off the top of the tongue jack (rusted out and will be replaced) in order to clear the camper shell that was sitting on the beams. I replaced the rotten wood beams on both the front and back of the trailer where they had been sitting on the rotten floor. The new floor is comprised of 2 layers of 3/8" plywood glued together to form one 3/4" sheet. The bottom of the new floor is treated with a bituthane stick down membrane that will provide water proofing. The top of the new floor has new vinyl that was installed prior to putting the camper shell back on. The process went surprisingly well and I could roll the trailer back under the camper shell at night to keep it secure in the garage.