1995 Chalet RV Trailer

We recently purchased a 1995 Chalet RV trailer. This type of trailer is called an "A-Frame." One of the original manufacturers of the A-frame trailer is Chalet because the trailer looks like a small Swiss chalet when set up. The reason we purchased this Chalet is mainly because it fits in our small garage here in Ocean Beach. It is definitely a "fix-er-upper" but the price was right and we found it locally. I plan to gut the interior and rebuild it including a queen bed; add more kitchen countertop space; add an AC unit; add new electrical, propane, and water systems; and most importantly replace the rotten flooring. The Chalet trailer is extremely lightweight because it is built with an aluminum skin that is laminated to foamboard and a thin interior panel. Fully loaded the weight should come in at about 2,000 pounds. After restoration and our first outing, a determination will be made as to whether a new axle with electric brakes is needed.

Next step will be the demo of the interior components.