Drop into clean water.


I joined the SurfRider Foundation last year and it is amazing how often I see them here at Ocean Beach. This weekend they (along with UC Berkley) were here conducting water sampling for the first ever surfer's epidemiology study in San Diego. They will be sampling the water here in OB and Tourmaline Surf Park right after a storm event. It rained quite a bit last week for the first time in many months so the water was very polluted. That did not stop the group of surfers I saw surfing the point break inside of the Mission Beach Channel. I try to stay out of the water after a big storm event for the recommended 72 hours. This epidemiology study will address the 72 hour guideline. The guideline may be extended to greater than 3 days. Three days is hard enough to stay out for most surfers so I think most of us will take the risk and drop in anyway.

More information about the study can be found here.