Planning a camping trip to the beach, Baja or Big Sur California?

Portable solar power is a great option while beach camping. Installing a complete solar charging system is the best option for frequent weekend outings or full time RVing. A complete system includes permanently mounted solar panels, a solar charge controller, an automatic transfer switch, an inverter, a converter/battery charger, and cable with fuse kit to protect the system.  A complete solar and inverter system is a must have for generator free, full-time RVing.


Portable solar kits come with all the required components to keep your batteries charged while camping generator free. They include a built in charge controller to protect your batteries and all the cable and connectors for easy set up. Mobile solar kits are available as traditional glass-panel Portable Solar Kits and as flexible Solar Flex Kits that can be either placed in the sun or attached to the roof of your RV or boat. The Solar Flex Kits are marine grade and conform to most curved surfaces.