Beaches Fall Victim to Federal Budget Again

"Let's make some cuts now before spring break." said our Congressmen and woman.

"Let's make some cuts now before spring break." said our Congressmen and woman.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Mar. 5, 2014—The White House released the federal budget for FY2015 yesterday that proposes to eliminate all funding for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) BEACH Act grant program that supports water-testing programs at beaches around the country. 

Without this funding, beach programs in many states will be forced to cut back or completely close shop, leaving surfers, swimmers and other beach-goers at risk of contracting waterborne illnesses such as gastrointestinal illness nausea, ear and eye infections and skin rashes.  Families have the right to know if a day at the beach will make them sick.

“Can you imagine if we no longer maintained food safety standards in the U.S.? That is what the Obama administration is proposing for our oceans,” says Dr. Chad Nelsen, Surfrider Foundation’s Environmental Director. “By eliminating funding for BEACH Act grants, basic ocean monitoring to determine if it is safe to swim or surf will become a thing of the past.”

“The President’s proposed program savings of less than $10 million, will be putting coastal tourism and recreation economies valued at nearly $90 billion at risk,” says Surfrider Foundation’s Water Quality Manager, Mara Dias. “The potential public health cost could result in more people being exposed to polluted water at the beach and will also dwarf any potential savings.”

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